25 March 2011
la chica del banjo_single

Lauris Reiniks sings in Spanish – La Chica del Banjo!

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Lauris Reiniks, the runner up of the Latvian national final – Eirodziesma 2011, has released his song Banjo Laura in Spanish. The video of the song has also being presented.


Banjo Laura was an ultimate favorite of esctoday.com readers in a poll to win the Latvian final. The Latvian version of  the song Labak vel neaizmiedz is included in the album Es skrienu which received the award as the best pop album of 2010 at Latvian Music Awards, in addition, the song itself reached the second position in the Latvian airplay top 50.

Reiniks’ song Es skrienu (I am running) has being recorded in several languages has already brought him immense success in both Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Baltic neighbors also expect Banjo Laura to be recorded in their languages to which Lauris Reiniks responds with a strict no, but meanwhile he is revealing a secret that some duets are possible with the artists from the respective countries.

With a little help of Eurovision friends Yann Charpentier and Emilio Verdejo, the Spanish version of Banjo Laura has been created.

The video of La Chica del Banjo: