30 August 2013
Lauris Luisa Liepa-FINAL

Lauris’s Irish Eurosong Released in Estonia and Lithuania

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Right before going on USA vacation, Lauris Reiniks has presented three new music surprises to his listeners in Estonia and Lithuania. A week ago  Lithuania received “Taves nepamirštu”, its own version of Lauris’s current single in Latvia “Stāsti man”. This week Lithuania and Estonia was introduced to Lauris Reiniks’s “I Wish I Could Pretend” in their own languages. The song that came 2nd at Eurovision 2009 National finals in Ireland.

Latvian audience knows this song as “Kaut es spētu izlikties” performed by Kristina Zaharova. The song was among most valuable songs of 2010 on “Latvia’s Radio 2” Chart of the Year.

The Estonian version “Palun pöördu tagasi” is performed by Luisa Värk while “Akimirkai ackumpai”, the Lithuanian version is sung Liepa Mondeikaite.  Lauris has worked with both popular singers already before this recording international versions of his “Pasakā” and “Es esmu tev dzīslās” songs. (Apkabink dar (LT), Linnamuinasjutt, Keerleval kaljul(EE).

On LNT “Good evening, Latvia!” show both girls predicted big success to this song in their countries. “Lauris and his songs are very popular in Estonia. Radios play them a lot and people want to see him at concerts. In fact it is quite unique in Estonia and I don’t know any other Baltic artists who perform together”, said Luisa Vark.

Liepa Mondeikaite couldn’t hide her excitement for one more possibility to work with Lauris: “I think Lithuanians will like this song a lot because people just love Lauris’s songs. He’s a great artist, song writer and an amazing person”

Lauris himself revealed that it feels really good to enter this new level of producing his most successful songs for other artists from outside Latvia: “Luisa’s version sounds very Estonian but Liepa’s very Lithuanian. And they both sound really good. Obviously good melody sounds good in any language. I really enjoy working with talented and simply good people who share the same goals. In this case- building musical bridges between the Baltic states.”

Video versions of these songs were filmed in Riga and are a follow-up story of “Apkabink dar” and “Keerleval kaljul” videos that were filmed in Italy earlier this year. Video director: Aija Strazdiņa, Camera- Uvis Burjāns and Jānis Saļms.



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